The High Cost of Managing Data

Experts in the IT industry claim the global volume of electronically stored data is doubling every two years. As businesses increasingly go digital, the growth in the volume of their data is driving greater requirements for efficient and cost-effective data storage solutions and data-management tools. IT professionals are challenged to improve data management, reduce data replication and protection costs, increase data visibility and analytics, business intelligence, increase analytics capabilities and cut storage costs.

Analysts estimate that 88% of all data today is unstructured data – data with varying structures such as audio, video, genomics data, virtualization data, log files, seismic data, and documents.  Unstructured data is growing at 56% year-over-year.  A large amount of data is infrequently accessed by the end users, and considered cold data. Studies show that 70% or more of data is cold and not being actively used, and yet consumes the same expensive resources as hot data. Finding data storage solutions to meet this challenge is imperative.

Because of the volume, variety and speed at which unstructured data grows, most IT organizations don’t have visibility into their hot and cold data across storage. Hence, identifying this cold data across a multitude of storage silos is a massive challenge. As a result, many companies store all their data on primary storage, which is extremely expensive. Currently, IT organizations simply purchase more storage when they run out of capacity instead of leveraging cheaper secondary data storage solutions.  This compounds costs as data not only needs to be stored but also replicated and protected, leading to multiple copies of data residing on expensive primary storage.

How Komprise helps reduce storage costs

According to the analyst firm IDC, by 2020 the digital universe will reach 44 zettabytes, 90% of which is unstructured data. Existing data management approaches were not designed to handle this monumental explosion in the variety, volume, and velocity of data – 25% of IT budgets are already spent on storage and data management with no room to grow. Komprise enables businesses to squeeze data growth into flat budgets, without disrupting users or the existing storage infrastructure. Komprise transparently moves cold data to cheaper secondary data storage solutions of your choice (cloud or on premise), and cuts 70%+ of data storage costs with no changes to users or applications.

Komprise stands apart from other solutions because it gives visibility across our storage and manages data at scale at a fraction of the cost”. Carl Siva, Senior IT Group Director, Architecture and R&D Solutions, Cadence, Inc.

Carl Siva, Senior IT Group Director, Architecture and R&D solutions, Cadence, Inc