Solving Data Storage Headaches with Komprise and Spectra Solutions

Featured Contributor:

Jeff Braunstein
Director of Product Management
Spectra Logic


We constantly hear from customers who are struggling with data storage systems that are overflowing with too much data. Their primary storage is nearly full and they are trying to keep business-critical projects from being interrupted due to lack of data storage space. They do not want to waste any more money on expensive primary storage or further increase the capacity of their backup licenses.

Many of these customers already use Spectra Logic NAS systems and tape libraries to store their organization’s data. They know Spectra delivers reliable, cost-effective, long-term secondary storage and are hoping to find a solution for their primary storage capacity problems. Ideally, they would like to find a solution that helps them identify infrequently accessed data residing on expensive primary storage and move it transparently to more affordable secondary storage, such as Spectra’s BlackPearl® Converged Storage System, for economical long-term digital preservation.

The combined Komprise data management and Spectra solution does just that. It identifies inactive data on the customer’s primary storage system, and continuously moves that inactive data to Spectra’s cost-effective long-term storage solutions. Paired with Komprise, Spectra’s storage solutions can provide enduring targets for this static data, without users even being aware that the data has moved. By deploying Komprise with Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged System in front of a Spectra tape, disk, or hybrid cloud solution, users will benefit from the most reliable and effective storage solution available, cutting costs by more than 70 percent over their current storage strategy.

Existing Spectra customers who have deployed Spectra tape library technology need only purchase a Spectra BlackPearl to act as a gateway for Komprise to move inactive data to tape. In this tape storage scenario, customers typically make two or three copies of their data to ensure the highest level of protection. With this safeguard in place, these inactive files can now be taken off primary storage by Komprise and removed from the backup cycle, freeing up valuable storage for more frequently accessed data.

For customers with limited budgets and exponential data growth, the combination of Komprise data management software and Spectra’s long-term storage solutions could be just the answer they’ve been looking for.


About Jeff Braunstein

As Spectra’s Director of Product Management, Jeff is responsible for all Spectra disk-based storage solutions, including the Verde® NAS and BlackPearl® product families. Jeff has been with Spectra for 15 years, holding positions in the areas of Product Management, Marketing Operations and Business Systems Management. He earned his M.S. and B.S. degrees in Engineering from the University of California, Davis.