Two Steps to Cut Your NAS Costs

When:  Thursday, October, 26th  8:00 am PT | 11:00 pm EST

As data continues to grow into petabytes and beyond, IT organizations realize that storing and protecting all data on primary NAS is inefficient, expensive, and untenable. But how do you reduce/postpone NAS storage purchases while still efficiently storing, protecting and delivering uninterrupted access to all the data? Komprise Data Management and IBM Cloud Object Storage provide you the visibility you need to intelligently plan and transparently manage data by its SLA without any disruption to user access – so you can cut costs, reduce backup/DR overhead, and scale to meet growing data demands.

  • Step 1: Plan your data management strategy. With our ROI Analytics dashboards, in under 15 minutes, you understand how data is growing and being used across your storage, and how much you can save by implementing some simple data management policies


  • Step 2: Automate data management with zero disruption.Without any stubs, storage agents, or changes to your data path, you can transparently archive and replicate data to cost-efficient object storage. Users and applications continue to access data as before with no changes.

See how you can manage your NAS data efficiently and cut 70%+ of costs by attending this live webinar and demo of Komprise Data Management and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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