Komprise analyzes, moves and manages data across your storage to give instant savings of 70%+ without any disruption.

Plan storage capacity, identify and transparently archive cold data, create a low-cost DR copy, migrate data and shrink backups with Komprise.

The modern architecture uses no storage agents, no static stubs, and no changes to the hot data or metadata paths. Komprise creates no storage lock-in, has no scaling limits, requires no dedicated hardware, and is priced at a fraction of the alternatives.

Intelligently and Effortlessly Manage Data Lifecycle with Komprise

Analyze and understand your NAS data, simply and efficiently archive, replicate and manage data across clouds without any changes to file-based users and applications.


In 15 minutes, simply setup the Komprise virtual machine, point at your storage, and get insights into your data. See how data is growing and being used across your NFS, SMB/CIFS NAS storage. No agents needed, no disruption.
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Cut Nas Costs 70%+

One View Across Storage

You no longer need to drive blind with your data. You have a single view of data across your storage, and one place for your data management policies across storage silos, on premise and cloud.

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Archive, Replicate, Migrate Data Effortlessly

Unlike traditional solutions that can slowdown performance of storage as they analyze and move data, Komprise is built on a distributed architecture and adaptively throttles back to run non-intrusively in the background with no performance impact. Komprise moves data without fronting the data or metadata paths, so users don’t even know it is there.

No Stubs
No Agents
No Disruption
Not in hot data path

It was like a light suddenly went on, and we could finally understand how much cold data we had!
VP Global Storage
Fortune 50 Financial Services

Transparent File Access with No User Changes

All the data is seamlessly accessible as files from your existing storage as files with no changes to users or apps, even when they are stored as objects on the targets.  Komprise fully preserves all the file attributes and maintains a hierarchical file view even when the data is stored as objects. And, data is directly accessible from your targets – with no lock-in.


Komprise scales out on-demand to handle petabytes and more of data– there are no central bottlenecks, databases or servers to limit scalability.

Why Komprise?

Unlike legacy data management solutions that are costly, complex, require dedicated infrastructure, and often interfere with the hot data and metadata paths, Komprise is simple, efficient, lightweight and runs outside the hot data path in the background.

Komprise stands apart from other solutions because it gives visibility across our storage and manages data at scale at a fraction of the cost
Carl Siva, Senior IT Group Director, Architecture and R&D Solutions, Cadence


The Komprise DifferenceWhy it Matters
No hardware to deploySimple 15 minute setup with no upfront costs
No storage agentsWorks across all your storage via open standards (NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3)
No stubsResilient, easy to manage, no changes to users or apps
No fronting of data or metadataNo performance degradation, no disruption to users or apps
No scaling limitsScale on demand as needed without overprovisioning
No silosSingle place to analyze and manage data across storage
No lock-inNative access to data on your sources and targets

Under the Hood

Komprise has been architected from the ground-up to address today’s massive scale of data with unprecedented simplicity, efficiency and scalability.

Works Across Storage Without Agents

Komprise works with your storage via standard protocols (NFS, SMB/CIFS, Lustre, REST/S3) without requiring any storage agents.  Simply point Komprise at your storage and you are good to go.

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One of the Best things Komprise does is what it doesn’t do, which is get in the way of users and applications access to data.
Bill Moore
Co-Author, ZFS

Moves Data Without Stubs or Fronting Data

Komprise transparently moves data across your file and object storage without getting in front of your data or metadata paths.  It does not use static stubs that can be corrupted or orphaned.  Data moved by Komprise is fully accessible from the sources as files exactly as before, and as files or objects on the target.

Virtual Transparent Filesystem

Komprise mimics a full hierarchical filesystem on cloud/object and maintains a dynamic link on the primary NAS so that users still see and access the moved files as if they are on the original NAS.  All NTFS permissions and attributes are fully preserved, and no agents or changes to the source NAS are needed. Moved data is accessible as files from the source, and as files/objects on the target – so there is zero lock-in.

Analytics-Driven Intelligence

Komprise uses the analytics it provides into data usage and growth to optimize and drive how it moves, archives, replicates and manages data to suit your particular data needs.

Scale-out Software with
No Central Bottlenecks

Start with one Komprise virtual machine, and simply add more to scale, balance load and create fault-tolerance. There are no central databases or bottlenecks to limit scalability. Resiliency and high-availability are built-in without requiring any dedicated infrastructure.

Adapts To Your Environment

Komprise analyzes and manages data in the background, unobtrusive to storage and network performance, and outside the hot data and metadata paths. It adaptively throttles back as needed when your storage or network are in active use, so you never have to monitor or schedule when Komprise runs.

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