Intelligent Data Management Driven by Insights into Your Data

Manage With Insight

Whether you are planning to buy more storage or re-evaluating your data management strategy or want to move to the cloud, you can now make informed decisions with Komprise analytics on data usage and growth across your storage.

Be ROI-Driven

Make ROI-driven data management decisions. As you set policies on what data you want archived, to where, and how you want data replicated, Komprise projects the impact on footprint and costs.

Manage Data Sprawl

Komprise continuously manages your data footprint across storage based on your policies. Active users and applications see no changes as Komprise adaptively runs in the background, outside the hot data path. Moved data is accessible exactly as before as files from the source, or natively in the target, so you have no lock-in.

Cut Costs

Reducing Storage expenses is a key priority as storage consumes 25%+ of most IT budgets. Cut costs by moving inactive/cold data to cheaper secondary storage and reducing replication costs using Komprise.