Manage data transparently across storage without stubs, storage agents, complexity or lock-in

Komprise eliminates the limitations of cost, complexity and disruption of prior solutions with scale-out, adaptive, analytics-driven data management that works across on premise and cloud storage.


Komprise acts as a housekeeper of data and runs non-intrusively in the background without interfering with active usage on your storage and networks.


Komprise moves data without using static stubs that can get corrupted or orphaned, or storage agents that can disrupt performance. Moved data is accessible by users and applications as files without any changes, even when they are stored as objects on the target.

Scale On-Demand

Start with one Komprise Observer virtual machine, and add more to scale, balance load, and create fault-tolerance. There are no central databases or bottlenecks to limit scalability. Resiliency is built-in without requiring any dedicated infrastructure.

Access data as files or objects

Komprise moves data transparently so even data archived to the cloud is fully accessible as files - Komprise provides the file gateway to moved data. The data is also accessible in the cloud without lock-in.