Data visibility across the enterprise is crucial to manage data sprawl and secure data

Komprise provides data visibility across your on premise and cloud storage so you can understand how your data is growing, who is using it, what data is cold, and uses the analytics for intelligent automation.

Visibility Across Storage

Komprise provides data visibility across your storage so you can optimize costs, reduce risk, and manage efficiently. Unlike traditional solutions that cause performance slow downs as they analyze data, Komprise is a patent-pending adaptive architecture that runs non-intrusively in the background, and starts providing visibility in under 15 minutes into petabytes of data.


Komprise is simple to deploy and operate. It runs as a virtual machine in your environment - simply point Komprise at your storage to start getting analytics and data visibility. Komprise works via standard protocol paths and does not require any storage agents.

Analytics-Driven Data Management

While data visibility is important, visibility alone is not enough when you are dealing with growing data footprints often involving billions of files. Intelligent automation is needed to manage data at scale. Komprise automates data management with analytics to intelligently deliver live archiving, data replication and protection.

Adapts to your environment

Komprise analyzes and manages data in the background, unobtrusive to storage and network performance, and outside the hot data path. It adaptively throttles back as needed when your storage or network are in active use, so you never have to monitor or schedule when Komprise runs.