Komprise Intelligent Data Management puts you in control of your data destiny.

  • No data lock-in
  • Storage vendor agnostic
  • Zero interference

Komprise easily analyzes across your storage, finds and moves cold data to shrink expensive storage and backups, and migrates data. It uses a patented, adaptive, scale-out architecture built for today’s scale of data.

One software solution to analyze, archive, and migrate.

Data Growth Analytics

Analyze data across your storage to understand the what, when, who. Play with different policy scenarios and leverage the reports to see how much you can save.

View reports based on:

  • File Types, Sizes, and Owners
  • Top Groups, Directories, and Shares
  • Interactive Planning
  • Cost Savings

Reporting Overview

Cloud Data Growth Analytics

Data Growth Analytics now provides visibility and analytics into your cloud data, so you can understand data growth across your clouds. It helps you move cold data to optimize cost.

Cloud Data Usage reports:

  • Single view across various cloud accounts, buckets, and storage classes
  • Identifies cold data based on when it was last used vs last modified
  • Cloud Cost Savings

Reporting Overview

Deep Analytics

Dig deeper with Deep Analytics. Finding just the right data across billions of files can be challenging. Search and find files that fit your criteria across all storage - use this virtual data lake for new applications like Big Data, AI, and ML.

  • Unified search across silos
  • Custom queries
  • Easy visualization & reporting
  • Custom tagging
  • API and UI driven
  • Zero impact, zero management

Deep Analytics Demo

Transparent Move Technology

Transparent Move Technology (TMT™) is a patented capability that enables Komprise to archive cold data transparently, so users and applications do not experience any change in how they access the data. TMT achieves this without agents, stubs, or any interference to hot data or metadata. It fully preserves file metadata, access controls, and security.

TMT moves data via standard protocols with:

  • No agents
  • No stubs
  • No interference to hot data
  • No fronting of metadata
  • User access unchanged

TMT White Paper

Data Access Anywhere

Access your data whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment without needing to rehydrate. When Komprise moves data, it keeps all the metadata and data intact, so you can access archived data as files or in native-mode as objects without bringing it back.

  • Same user access experience
  • Native access across all storage
  • No expensive rehydration
  • No data lock-in
  • Maintain security everywhere

Why Native Access?

Architecture Overview

Komprise is a patented, scale-out, software architecture. Komprise is storage agnostic and works across storage via standard protocols. The only solution with no interference to hot data, metadata or network paths. Access data with full fidelity from anywhere with no lock-in. Learn how easy it is to control your data destiny!

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