Spectra Verde, NAS storage, BlackPearl, Tape libraries and Komprise Data Management

Understand your Data Growth and ROI today

Spectra and Komprise enable you to manage data with insight—so you can maximize your return on investment. With Komprise, organizations can simply implement an archive without changing their user’s experience and leverage Spectra Logic disk and tape to lower the cost of storing data. Transparently move data to Spectra products, for an accessible, affordable, archive.

Key Benefits

  • Manage with insight – helps you understand your data growth, usage and the ROI of moving data. Then move the data to Spectra Verde, NAS or to Spectra BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway and then onto tape.
  • Increase performance and capacity – extremely simple to operate and use, automates and adapts to your environment. Komprise virtual machines can run in parallel to transfer massive amounts of data.
  • No disruption to users– users and applications continue to access the moved data as they did before, allowing affordable archive.





Spectra Verde DPE is built for long-term digital preservation at an affordable cost. Coupled with Komprise’s transparent, analytics-based tool, we have created a strong solution to manage exponential data growth and control storage costs.

Matt Starr, Spectra Logic’s CTO


Spectra Verde & Komprise Solution Brief

Civil engineering firm archives legacy fileshare data on joint Spectra Logic and Komprise solution.

Spectra Verde & Komprise Solution Brief

Maximize your ROI while lowering the cost of storing your data.

Spectra Verde & Komprise Video

Managing your data efficiently.

Spectra Verde & Komprise Webinar

End-to-End Archive Solution