Transparently Extend Capacity with HGST ActiveScale & Komprise

Instant ROI
Cut 70%+ of costs on every terabyte you manage with Komprise and HGST Active Scale

Simple to Use
Komprise runs as virtual machines and scales on-demand. In 15 minutes, you get visibility into data across your storage: no dedicated infrastructure, no agents, no bottlenecks

Zero Disruption
Komprise moves data transparently, so users see moved data as files, even though they are stored on HGST ActiveScale.

No Stubs, No Agents, No lock-in
Komprise does not use problematic agents or static stub files, we use open standards to manage data without vendor lock-in

Modern Architecture
Komprise software utilizes a shared nothing grid architecture that grows on-demand and allows you to handle today’s massive scale of data massive scale of data, using intelligent automation