HGST ActiveScale and Komprise Data Management

Transparently Extend Capacity with HGST ActiveScale and Komprise Data Management

Komprise Data Management seamlessly extends existing NAS with the affordable capacity, scale and fast retrieval of HGST ActiveScale while keeping all data available without changes to user or application access. HGST and Komprise have partnered to enable you to deliver your business objectives on a “pay-as-you-grow” basis with outstanding levels of simplicity, scalability, resiliency, automation, and affordability.

Key Benefits

  • Simple to Use – In 15 minutes, simply download the Komprise Observer virtual appliance, point it at your existing NFS or SMB/CIFS storage, and get insights into data growth and usage. Komprise automatically manages data and moves it to HGST ActiveScale according to your objectives.
  • Extreme Scale – Increase capacity and performance by transparently moving inactive data without impacting the hot data path.  Komprise sits outside the hot data path to identify and continuously move inactive data transparently to HGST ActiveScale.
  • Zero disruption – Users and applications continue to access all the data from their primary storage without any changes. Komprise transparently and automatically retrieves data from the HGST ActiveSclae.
  • Cut 70%+ of costs –  Sub-cloud pricing of Komprise coupled with “pay-as-you-grow” affordability of HGST delivers an instant return on every terabyte you manage.