EMC Isilon, Unity, ECS and Komprise Data Management

Massive Scale Data Management

Komprise together with EMC provides a simple way to analyze data across NFS and SMB shares, and move data into EMC Unity and EMC Isilon from any NFS or SMB source, and to transparently archive and replicate data from EMC Unity and EMC Isilon to cloud targets such as EMC ECS.  Customers can leverage Komprise with EMC storage solutions without requiring any changes to the storage environment or any agents – Komprise works via NFS, SMB/CIFS and REST protocols to connect to the storage.

Key Benefits

  • Single view of data across heterogeneous storage
  • Reduce storage costs and extend the life of primary storage
  • Leverage high-performance Flash for hot data while keeping costs low
  • Connect to clouds without lock-in – native access to data in the cloud or from on premise storage
  • Analytics-driven intelligent movement and retrieval of data minimizes cloud costs
  • Transparent file-based access to data in the cloud eliminates disruption to users and applications






As enterprises continue their digital transformation, Dell EMC is working with its partner ecosystem to realize opportunities from cloud-enabled technologies while maximizing flexibility.  We welcome the expanded support of Dell EMC platforms by Komprise.

Sam Grocott, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Storage and Data Protection, Dell EMC