• Understand the what, when, who
• Plan storage and backup growth
• Create virtual data lakes


• Offload cold data
• Shrink storage, backups by 80%
• No hot data interference


• Same user access experience
• Use your data in the cloud
• Maintain security everywhere

Why Komprise?


For every file you store on NAS, you multiply these files with backups and DR causing a 400% Data Tax. 80% of your data is cold and not accessed, so archive to less expensive storage.

Komprise is the only zero lock-in, zero-interference, storage agnostic data management software solution:

  • Analyze and understand data growth across storage silos
  • Find cold data across billions of files in minutes
  • Move and archive cold data to any object/cloud
  • Shrink storage, backup and DR
  • No interference to hot data
  • No change in user experience

Solution Brief

Our Customers

"Komprise gives IT leaders a new weapon in their arsenal to make data decisions."

Vice-President, Gartner

The addition of Komprise in our file sharing infrastructure has significantly improved our understanding of the data. Being able to sit down with clients and show them the data allows a level of understanding that was never before available. They are then able to make decisions about how to better manage their own data.

Steve DeGroat, Manager Enterprise Storage, Top Research University

"Komprise shows the zombie data and the millions we can save – visibility we never had before."

VP Global Storage, Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm

"Komprise is dead simple to use, it manages and replicates across on-premise and clouds."

Bill Moore, EMC Fellow, Co-author ZFS

We see immense benefits of using Komprise as it provides a ubiquitous layer across storage to analyze, manage and migrate data.

Jay Smestad, Senior Director Infrastructure Architecture

Komprise works across your storage infrastructure, without disruption or interference.

Don’t see your Storage? Komprise works across NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3 and more.

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