Block-level Tiering vs File-level Tiering

What’s the difference?


• Understand the what, when, who
• Plan storage and backup growth
• Create virtual data lakes


• Offload cold data
• Shrink storage, backups by 80%
• No hot data interference


• Same user access experience
• Use your data in the cloud
• Maintain security everywhere

Why Komprise?


For every file you store on NAS, you multiply these files with backups and DR causing a 400% Data Tax. 80% of your data is cold and not accessed, so archive to less expensive storage.

Komprise is the only zero lock-in, zero-interference, storage agnostic data management software solution:

  • Analyze and understand data growth across storage silos
  • Find cold data across billions of files in minutes
  • Move and archive cold data to any object/cloud
  • Shrink storage, backup and DR
  • No interference to hot data
  • No change in user experience

Solution Brief

Our Customers

"Bad data management leads to spiraling storage costs…The IT industry doesn’t have a storage problem;
it has a data management problem."


Komprise works across your storage infrastructure, without disruption or interference.

Don’t see your Storage? Komprise works across NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3 and more.

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