Insights across your storage; Identify active vs. stale data

Visibility into how data and what data is used been a major challenge for companies in today’s fast paced and dynamic business environments. Most companies lack visibility into their data growth and usage across their storage silos, and are making critical data decisions in the dark. It is vital that companies understand what data is in their storage infrastructure and how it is used.

Nearly 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years, and enterprise data is doubling every two years. Also, within months of its creation, 60% – 90% of all data becomes “stale data”, or inactive and infrequently accessed. Up to now, there has been no easy approach to identifying active vs. stale data, and thus companies typically store and manage their stale data the same way as active data. This method has been shown to be an extremely inefficient and expensive way of doing things. How to discriminate between the two data types, and manage them without disrupting users has been a major challenge to IT organizations.  Since managing data not only involves storing it but also replicating and protecting it, there are often multiple copies of the data sitting on expensive primary storage.  Managing stale data on less expensive secondary storage and streamlining its management can yield significant savings.

Komprise solves this challenge

Komprise addresses the active vs. stale data problem by providing visibility into how data is growing and used across all NFS, and SMB/CIFS storage platforms. Komprise analytical driven solution enables businesses to manage their data intelligently by identifying inactive data across a customer’s storage infrastructure and transparently archiving stale data to cost-efficient options such as cloud or object storage – without any changes to user or application access.  Komprise streamlines management of the archive data and eliminates it from the active backup footprint, thus further reducing data management costs.

Our solution deploys in under 15 minutes and provides real-time analytical insights into:

  • How data is being used, and what data is stale data
  • How to assess the ROI of moving cold data to secondary storage
  • How you can cut your storage costs by as much as 70%

What our customers say

Komprise stood apart from other solutions we evaluated because it provides visibility across our storage infrastructure and manages data at scale at a fraction of the cost,” said Carl Siva, senior IT group director, Architecture and R&D Solutions at Cadence. “We had Komprise up and running in minutes, and we quickly gained insight into how much of our data was not being actively used so that we could archive it to the clouds of our choice, all without any disruption to users or applications. As our business grows, our data grows, and Komprise offers flexibility to meet the requirements of our business.”

We have data accumulated over the years – a good amount of zombie data belonging to users no longer in the company. Komprise gave us the data visibility vital to efficient management.

VP Global Storage, Fortune 50 Financial Services