The Rapid Growth of Data

Data Growth Volume

Data growth remains one of IT’s biggest challenges.

In 2015 the amount of data transmitted through the Internet reached about 870 Exabyte’s. In 2016 we entered the “zettabyte age”, as global Internet traffic rose above 1 zettabyte (about 1 trillion gigabytes). In 2017, the digital universe is expected to expand another 40%, and continue to grow at that rate into the next decade. Meanwhile, the requirements for data storage may be an even bigger issue. It is predicted to reach 44 zettabytes by 2020, and there are concerns that the world’s total data storage capacity may not be able to grow fast enough to meet this demand.

Data Growth Visibility

Data is growing not only in volume, but also in variety. It is now estimated that 80% of data is unstructured, meaning it has no predefined data model. This, combined with the fact that this data is scattered across a multitude of storage silos presents new kinds of data management challenges for IT organizations. It’s important to understand your data growth and your data hot and cold usage. You can’t control what you can’t see. And you don’t want to continue to buy storage to address this issue.  Not only is storing the data itself expensive, but when you add in the cost of replication, backups, and snapshots, the total can be three to six times more.


Due to the speed at which data continues to grow and evolve, managing the data seems like a never-ending challenge. Typically, IT organizations manage hot and cold data, and on average 70% of a company’s data is cold, meaning it’s just sitting idle and not being used. The fact is, most IT organizations continue to buy storage; spending 40% of their total storage costs to store data that no one has touched in three years or more.  Furthermore, 80% of the total costs of data is on data management.  Not only is storing cold data on primary storage inefficient, but its management on primary storage is even more inefficient. In the next two years, organizations will create 35% more of this data. The question is: Will their budget grow 35% too? Research shows that most budgets are remaining flat, while others are decreasing.

Companies are now recognizing that mastering data management is a vital component to business success! Don’t buy storage – instead, move cold data transparently to a less expensive option and streamline data management costs.

How Komprise helps solve this challenge

Komprise industry’s only intelligent data management solution helps companies manage data at scale across their storage to show how data is growing, and provides key insights into hot and cold data and savings of data management policies. Komprise interactively shows ROI and provides insights into storage cost savings – allowing you to manage storage in a more cost-effective way.

Komprise appeals to IT organizations with growing unstructured data – it gives a new weapon in the arsenal for IT leaders to make decisions on data.

Vice-President, Gartner