Oil and Gas Data Management – Reduce Costs with Komprise

Oil and gas organizations need data management for their high performance computing and data needs – Komprise can help reduce costs by 70% by moving cold data to alternative storage options.

Oil and gas organizations struggle with managing both new and legacy data; as seismic processing technology advances, more high-volume and high-velocity data is required to move the advancement in the interpretation of seismic data. This high performance computing results in large volumes of data that are active for a short period but must be retained for a long period of time.

At the same time, oil and gas organizations often share valuable seismic data with key contractors and third parties. As data is managed and moved around, preserving the access controls and security on the data is critical.
In an industry subject to pricing volatility, cutting cost of managing data is imperative.

Komprise helps with oil and gas data management by providing visibility into data across storage for capacity planning, by projecting the cost savings of various data management policies so organizations can make intelligent decisions on where to store and how to manage data, and reducing storage costs by 70% by moving cold/inactive data to cloud and secondary storage of your choice,, while also giving seamless access to all constituents. By simply pointing Komprise at your storage, in minutes you’ll get analytics on data growth and usage, allowing cold data to be moved to less expensive storage, on premise or in the cloud.


Komprise delivers what every Oil & Gas company wants – lower storage and operational costs.

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