Genomics Data Management – Reduce Costs with Komprise

As genomics data grows exponentially, genomics data management becomes a growing problem – turn to Komprise to reduce costs, preserve data access and provide key analytics.

As bioinformatics companies rush to provide genomics data for their customers, they are plagued with the vast amount of data in need of storage. For example, by 2025, between 100 million and 2 billion human genomes might be sequenced, according to a report published in the journal PLoS Biology. Storage demands could run to as much as 2–40 exabytes, as the amount of data that must be stored for a single genome is 30 times larger than the size of the genome itself.

Genomics has become the latest most rapidly growing area of data expansion. This hyper growth has generated a need for genomics data management – creating a need for a solution for managing this data in a cost-effective manner.

Komprise can help solve genomics data management by identifying and moving data that is not routinely accessed, also referred to as cold data, to a cost-efficient scale-out secondary storage solution, seamlessly. Such actively archived data remains fully accessible as files exactly as before and as objects, so scientific users and applications continue to operate unaffected. By moving inactive data out of the actively managed footprint, replication and backup costs are also reduced by eliminating the need for multiple copies of data that is not changing. Organizations can evaluate how their data is growing, set policies to move data to a low cost solution, and easily show the ROI on the storage cost savings.

We see immense benefits of using Komprise as it provides a ubiquitous layer across storage to analyze, manage and migrate data to where the best service.

Jay Smestad, Senior Director Infrastructure Architecture