Real Customer Story: managing data growth while cutting costs

On-Demand: May 31, 2017

Having difficulty managing the explosion of your data? So did Pacific Biosciences, a leader in genome sequencing. Pacific Biosciences is on the front lines of managing massive data growth while streamlining costs.

“We did not want to build more data centers, we wanted a platform on which to grow our business”, says Jay Smestad, senior director at Pacific Biosciences.

Join this 45 minute webinar where you will learn:

  • The challenges Pacific Biosciences faced with managing data
  • How Pacific Biosciences gained visibility, cut costs, and leveraged cloud/secondary storage
  • How to architect a proper data management foundation for growth
  • Live demo of how to get visibility into data across your storage and archive, manage transparently with Komprise

Available on Demand