Manage Data By Current Value

Your data may be growing exponentially, but your budget and resources are tight.

Your organizations’ data is valuable. But the value of data changes as it ages, and what is critical, active data today may or may not be so critical down the road. Determining which data remains critical and active can seem a never-ending task given the fast-paced, changing nature of business today.

How do you maximize the return on the changing value of your data?

You use Komprise.

"Komprise is dead simple to use, it manages and replicates across on-premise and clouds."

Bill Moore, EMC Fellow, Co-author ZFS

We see immense benefits of using Komprise as it provides a ubiquitous layer across storage to analyze, manage and migrate data.

Jay Smestad, Senior Director Infrastructure Architecture

"Komprise shows the zombie data and the millions we can save – visibility we never had before."

VP Global Storage, Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm

The addition of Komprise in our file sharing infrastructure has significantly improved our understanding of the data. Being able to sit down with clients and show them the data allows a level of understanding that was never before available. They are then able to make decisions about how to better manage their own data.

Steve DeGroat, Manager Enterprise Storage, Top Research University

"Komprise gives IT leaders a new weapon in their arsenal to make data decisions."

Vice-President, Gartner

The Komprise Advantage


Understanding the value of your data starts with getting visibility into how it is being used. In as little as 15 minutes, Komprise, through an intuitive dashboard, shows analytics across your storage silos, providing insight into your organization’s data. The data insight includes how your data is aging, how it is being used, who is using it, and how it is growing.


Komprise enables you to build a data management strategy around high-level policies and interactively project the cost savings, capacity freed, and backup footprint reduced. Komprise also generates a 3-year forecast based on that plan. These ROI calculations are based on your real costs and take the attributes of your data into account, as well as historical growth rates, providing highly accurate and individualized results.

No Disruption to Users or Applications

Whether you are looking to create a low-cost live archive of your inactive data, take a low-cost mirror copy for data protection, or just migrate data from one storage vendor to another; Komprise enables you to manage data transparently — without disruption to your users or applications. Files moved by Komprise are still visible and accessible on the source, so as far as your users and apps are concerned, nothing has changed.

Keep your preferred storage and avoid lock-in.

Komprise works using open standards —NFS, SMB/CIFS and REST/S3 —so you can keep your preferred storage vendors and avoid lock-in. Your data is accessible from your source storage and your target storage.

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